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SupercarHall is a website that offers the best and latest in the world of Supercars, as well as daily news, HD videos, high resolution photos and our exclusive Screensavers.

SupercarHall highlights supercars, the most important cars from car manufacturers and also the most important Tuning companies around the world. To ensure that our visitors are always updated, we have an RSS Feed service, just click on the RSS Feed Reader icon and sign our Feeds so that you will receive an alert whenever we post something new on the site.

On the home page, you'll find the latest news sorted by date, as well as the latest videos and Featured Screensavers.

In All Brands, you will have access to the 390 car and Tuning brands represented on the site.

The car manufacturers are written in grey, and the Tuning companies in red.

By clicking on a brand, grey or red, you will have access to all of the cars from the start of the brand up to the most current, as well as the prototypes that have not even been released into the market. We have a collection of more than 500,000 photos of cars in high resolution.

In car brands, you can browse through the lists in Brand List or through the photo thumbnails in Gallery/Wallpapers.

On our YouTube channel, we post our own videos and also videos that we receive from car manufacturers and Tuning companies. If you like the videos, please subscribe to our channel, your signature is very important to boost the channel in the YouTube rankings and to generate more revenue with the videos and thus continue to provide a quality service.


The Screensavers developed by our engineers are exclusive and free, these Screensavers have a world clock, calendar, background music and images of the most exclusive automobiles in the world.

You can configure the Screensaver according to your taste, modify the effects and transitions and also put on your favourite music. To do this, you just have to right click on the Screensaver icon that is on your Desktop and click on configure. The Screensaver screen will immediately open, then just choose the change you want to make and close the screen and you're all set to use it.

In addition to, we also share our activities on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram.

We are always working to improve our website to make it better and better. If you find any error or problem, please contact us through Contact US so we can find a solution.

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