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2012 Gemballa GT McLaren MP4 12C

  • 2012 Gemballa GT McLaren MP4 12C

    2012 Gemballa GT McLaren MP4 12C

  • 2012 Gemballa GT McLaren MP4 12C

    2012 Gemballa GT McLaren MP4 12C

  • 2012 Gemballa GT McLaren MP4 12C

    2012 Gemballa GT McLaren MP4 12C


Four Superlative GEMBALLA Cars At Top Marques Monaco 2012

GEMBALLA will bring four exciting cars to this year’s Top Marques Monaco Show, which takes place at the Grimaldi Forum between the 19th and 22nd of April.

Apart from its ultra exclusive location, the unique "See it, drive it, buy it!" policy sets this premier supercar show apart, and means that many of the exclusive cars are not just there to be admired, but can also be seen, and even experienced in action.

“Feeling, hearing and driving a car rather than just looking at it creates a strong emotional response that can trigger a positive decision to buy”, explains GEMBALLA CEO, Andreas Schwarz. Confident of the strengths of his products, Schwarz made the decision to bring two demonstration cars to the Principality for this express purpose.

With its engine power boosted to 721hp/529kW, and lightweight carbon-fibre panels reducing its kerb weight, the dashing GEMBALLA MISTRALE, based on the Porsche Panamera, promises a dramatic driving experience. The other GEMBALLA car available for driving is their new Cayenne-based GT AERO 2, whose carbon-fibre aero kit gives it distinct weight and stability advantages as well as a more purposeful appearance.

Even if you decide to forgo a session behind the wheel of these amazing cars, a visit to the GEMBALLA stand (B10) will be rewarded with a guided tour of two unique super sports cars. One is the latest GEMBALLA GT based on the Porsche 991 Carrera, and the other is GEMBALLA’s first step in their tuning programme for the McLaren MP4-12C. This is a clear statement that GEMBALLA has added a second pillar to their legendary Porsche tuning repertoire.

While many visitors to the GEMBALLA stand will no doubt be really excited by these two super sports cars, the bad news is that test drives are not allowed inside the Grimaldi Forum!

Visitors to Stand B10 will also have the opportunity to see the world premier of a very unique GEMBALLA highlight. GEMBALLA has acquired the exclusive rights to a real diamond finish for automotive exterior and interiors, and will showcase this here.

What: GEMBALLA at Top Marques Monaco 2012
When: 19th to 22nd April
Where: The Grimaldi Forum, Stand B10


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